Business Development
— New York

About the role

Sheridan&Co are looking for a Business Development Manager in New York. Experience must include targeting, creating and shaping sustainable, value added relationships on behalf of a creative agency.

High energy, quick turn around, instant gratification. We all love a one off project. At Sheridan&Co what we are really looking for is long terms relationships.

Our perfect story starts with a brand ready for big change. 

A company that knows understands that energy put in and rewards are directly related. Every time you do something right, every time that you achieve a new standard, it delivers better results than you have ever seen before.

Our favourite kind of conversation goes like this…

Listen first. We want to really understand the new business, it’s nuances, the goals, the requirements. What do you think that we need to know? What have they already learnt does and does not work for them? What information have they gathered for another initiative that might be relevant? What does their perfect customer look like and how do they think? And most of all; what stories can they tell that makes their brand special?

The acid test. Are we talking to a company whose products make people feel better? Yes. Good. We are all about connecting people with products that make their worlds a better place.

Tell a few relevant stories. We don’t want to go on and on about ourselves and we really do understand that every challenge is unique. We might have a couple of stories that help to illustrate that we understand the challenge at hand. We’ve been through quite a bit over the last thirty five years. And we are quite sure that by the time we are done, we will want to share this new story too.

An honest response. It’s not about trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. Having taken the time to truly understood the challenge at hand, do we genuinely feel that the service that we offer is right for the clients ethos, demands, budget and expectations?

Sustainability from the outset. A productive relationship is about mutual respect. We all know how the story goes if you try to say yes, yes, yes until everything falls apart. We believe in honesty. We believe in managing expectations. We believe that the right answer is born from our combined perspectives. We will be ready to challenge our clients and we want them to feel the same way about us.

Strategy. Design. Deliver. With over one thousand years of combined experience, our incredible teams have this all covered. We want you to be the internal representative for our new client. If you are not happy they are not happy. That’s the way it should be.

Debrief. Look back to learn forward. The last project will always teach us something crucial. As our relationships develops we will get closer. We will better understand what you need from us. We will learn from the old and always endeavour to bring something new.

Keep your eyes open. With seventeen different specialisms in house, it’s unlikely that the first conversation will define the limitations of our potential use. What else can we help with? What more can we do?

Prepare to travel. The world got smaller – we do not expect our clients to be our next door neighbours.

An interest in people. The clients that we work with are fascinating. All top specialists in their fields, working for the worlds most successful brands. Be ready to spend time with them and really work out what makes them tick. What can we learn from them? How can we make sure that what we are offering is really, truly relevant and consistently hitting the mark?

Communication. From a casual conversation over coffee to a boardroom pitch. We aim to communicate relevant information, clearly, confidently and concisely.

If being part of this process that is integral to our growth sounds interesting to you please answer the following questions:

  • What about your experience makes your skillset particularly relevant?
  • Location – Knowing what you know about the market, where would you start?
  • Brands – Top 20 – Taking what you know about us and you, where would you focus?

To apply, please send your answers to the above along with a copy of your resume to