December 12, 2018 /Retail Insight

2019 Future Forecasts (Part Two)

From reinventing being adult to social isolation, consumers will be reconnecting to what it means to be human in 2019. We will see history become contextualised as consumers explore new challenges. For the second part of our Future Forecasts series, 2019 will be a year whereby consumers search, seek and create.

Nurture and growth are reigning qualities in the current market. Consumers are now exploring new interests and creative avenues. Currently it is estimated that 54% of the world’s population lives in urban areas, with the statistic increasing to 68% by 2050.

This level of urbanisation needs to be supported by innovative tech and ideas to help sustain the impact on not only the environment but our emotions and facility. We also believe that it will influence an era of post-urbanisation, driving many creatives away from the city, finding inspiration from small communities and nature.

Appropriation will come into play this year. We will see not only a mix of cultures but history will be a theme in 2019, with brands combining modern day aesthetics with heritage. 3D printing and augmented reality apps like the BBC’s Civilisations AR are allowing people to gain a new perspective on historical artefacts – calling into question whether the genuine article is really as important as its aesthetics. This will spill over into food and restaurants with traditional recipes being explored in fruition.

A shift in the focus for what masculinity and vulnerability means for men will bring around an opportunity for brands to start to explore a different side to men. We have been delving into the #LetsGetMental Campaign and views on men and emotion. In our Multifaceted Males post we looked at how the men’s beauty industry is set to be worth $60billion. It’s a definitely a unique time for brands to access this emerging and intentionally vulnerable space.

As the New Year approaches, our strategy team will be investing more time to help empower brands to engage with the consumer of 2019.

Key Takeaways

Exploration into different areas will allow consumers to feel connected with brands, especially if personalised. Community and creation will be key for brands engaging with consumers.

Reinvention and vulnerability will allow consumers to explore their history and take control over both their emotional and physical future.