May 12, 2019 /Retail Insight

Big Initiatives & New Ways To Reach Out

girl with disco ball head

People are clearly responding to big initiatives.

Freddie Sheridan, Director of Sheridan&Co

2018 was definitely the break out year for brands backing brick-and-mortar stores, and six months into 2019, we are seeing that bigger ideas can very well be better. Thriving retail spaces show there is no room for half measures or mediocre attempts to stand out. After last month’s trip to Restoration Hardware, we explored Showfields, a new kind of department store that bets on digital start-ups wanting to explore a physical retail space. This is our view on Showfields, the ‘Most Interesting Store In The World’.

Consumers are searching for meaningful experiences, bringing mysticism and spirituality into the mainstream. Beauty and wellness brands are quick to fill this new age niche, and are captivating curious consumers with the unknown and unexpected, in ingredients, packaging, and retail design. Learn more about the brands that are using Smoke and Mirrors to play with perception.

We took a deep dive into The Religion Replacement. This is the idea that, as society evolves, the meaning, content and power of religion changes. Religion has seen a major decline in the western world over the past 50 years, and consumers are looking for alternative sources of comfort and direction. Explore brands that have jumped at the opportunity to step in, providing community, guidance and spirituality, offering their stores and event spaces to take the place of churches.

As the environmental debate heats up, brands are under pressure to become not only sustainable, but also environmentally positive. Disrupting the current system, brands are championing three key stages that will change the lifespan of products, reimagine packaging, and reinvent retail experiences. If you liked our sustainability blogs, you need to learn about The Circular Economy.

Hotels provide a unique kind of luxury, personalisation and familiarity that retail spaces crave to create. Hospitality is situated in the perfect sphere for retail experiences, and is key for brands looking to create engaging and authentic human experiences. What can retail learn from hospitality and vice versa? How can the two collaborate to create engaging experiences? We explored ways the retail world can learn from the hospitality industry in Be Our Guest.