December 7, 2018 /Retail Insight

Brand Roles Transition

As we approach the final month of the year, we are already looking ahead to 2019. You can catch our part one of trend predictions in our future forecasts over on our blog. We will be posting part two before the year draws to a final close.

Music has been our muse. As we continue to consider the emotional sensibilities of a store, the power of music to nurture connections is opportune for brands to share their stories.

Consumer journeys are highly emotive and complex. Thus, emotional environments are intrinsic for brands. Yet the concept of home is changing. As we head towards a future defined by co-living, we took some time this month, to explore why home is where the people are.

At the same time, rebellious spirits have been exuberant. In our post, New Age Radicals, we are searching for new ways to create and to live. Our strategy team explored this concept in creative execution at Veuve Clicquot’s installation piece called Radicals. In short, we are on hunt on ways to revolutionise the human experience.

This revolutionary spirit does not end here. We are witnessing brands embrace bolder standpoints and take on taboo subjects. The role of brands has transitioned. We now live in a climate where they can be considered friends, guiding consumers around the complexities of difficult subjects.

As the year nearly drawers to the close, we are far from slowing down. It is clear that we live in an exciting time for brands. They are occupying hugely influential roles within consumer lifestyles, acting as platforms for empowerment and education. As always, we look forward to working with our clients to create revolutionary moments.