October 18, 2023 /Trend

Emerging trends for beauty brands within the wellness industry

The wellness industry has long been an opportune category for beauty brands. For their annual September event, Maison & Objet launched a new sector for the trade show entitled ‘Beauty and Wellness’. In a dedicated programme, visitors could explore products focusing on wellness for the body, mind and home. 

According to Fashion Snoops who exhibited trend research regarding this subject matter at the event, ‘the pursuit of wellness has become deeply intertwined with our modern lifestyle, acting as the ultimate remedy to the turbulence of the external world. What was once a niche market has expanded to influence every industry’. 


By 2027, global ecommerce sales for health and beauty are set to reach almost $450 billion.

THG Ingenuity

A growing market for beauty brands

If we look at statistics regarding the future of the industry, THG Ingenuity shared findings stating that ‘by 2027, global ecommerce sales for health and beauty are set to reach almost $450 billion. Earlier this year, The Business of Fashion reported an article detailing ‘why beauty brands want a bigger piece of the $1.5 trillion wellness pie’.

Key areas of focus within the wellness industry

Within the beauty and wellness section at Maison & Objet September show, two key trends across retail, product direction and consumer behaviour were identified. These are Slow Focus and Destination Pleasure.

Slow Focus:

The trend for Slow Focus evidences a shift in consumer attitudes towards their lifestyle. They are seeking gentler and kinder routines to help them reconnect with themselves and find a sense of nourishment within hectic times. This trend empathises a need for a softer approach when it comes to dealing with external stress. In terms of brand communication and retail, this is expressed through quiet and meditative moments, products and spaces that provide comfort and thoughtful design touches. There is of course a planetary element to this trend too. Slowing down to take care of ourselves often aligns with taking care of the planet. Both invite us to tune back into our natural instincts and move at a meaningful pace. 

For so long, consumers have been feeling the pressure to speed up and now is the time to invite them to slow down and forge a path towards healing and establishing healthy habits. 

An innovative case study that represents this need to slow down is the recently opened wellness studio called Oracley Space in Amsterdam. The classes are focused on resting your nervous system, healing your energy and guiding yourself back to your intuition. 

Destination Pleasure:

The wellness section at Maison&Objet this year expressed the consumer desire to ‘break free from collective malaise’ in order to ‘rediscover the joy of feel-good fun and experimentation. Such consumer demands invites brands to inject playfulness into their spaces and encourage people to be curious and break away from the conventional. This trend is rooted in maximalist satisfaction and celebratory energy. In terms of beauty products, design is being influenced by party culture, sensory child-like play, dance halls, food inspiration and late night revelry. 

Post lockdown, consumers are embracing hedonism unapologetically and are on a quest to make up for lost time by indulging in over the top aesthetics that increase a sense of worth and forges a strong self identity. This trend is particularly true for Gen Z’s Y2K infatuation. Brands such as Kira Moon Beauty and Martine Cosmetics are helping this consumer cohort to live out their retro inspired millennium fantasies. 

Vacation, a retro inspired sun cream brand invites customers to tap into a sense of play with their ‘Classic Whip SPF’ which is packaged in a whipped cream like container that dispenses the product as if it is whipped cream. Also tapping into a sense of play combined with food, Fenty launched retro inspired ketchup sachets. At its core, this trend invites brands to inject joy into the mundane and inspire nostalgia for simpler times. 

The growth of the wellness industry will continue to impact the beauty industry. As consumer attitudes continue to shift and adapt to external forces and stresses within their day to day life, beauty brands have the opportunity to help people reconnect with themselves and find joy within their day to day. If you would like to learn about how Sheridan&Co can help you design a retail experience that resonates with your target audience, contact us today.