March 30, 2019 /Retail Insight

Exploring Changing Landscapes

next 4 miles

“Start with confidence in the fact that humans are naturally curious, add beautiful design and a genuine customer focused consideration then retail becomes the powerful channel that it always has the potential to be.” – Freddie Sheridan, Director

This month, we have been exploring brands that question and experiment with experience and psychology. From the car-markers to LSD takers, these changing landscapes are set to affect consumers within all industries.

Movement, as we know it, is about to change. Car-makers, brands and innovators are exploring the automotive landscape, delving beyond driverless cars to ask how they can fill consumers’ newly free journey times. ‘It’s not the destination, it’s the journey…’ will take on a new meaning, and industries will find unique ways to connect with humans through movement in a world of Driverless Cars.

Crystals, mushrooms and LSD: Millennials are feeling a generational burnout and seeking alternative measures for relief from hectic and stressful lifestyles. As brands, doctors and scientists alike delve into potential medicinal properties of previously taboo ingredients, we took a deep dive into the growing market for cannabis, crystals and Alternative Medicines.

As part of the wider trend towards alternative treatments, we revisited our 2017 prediction of The Cannabis Opportunity. Led by innovation and luxe packaging, and backed by the beauty and wellness worlds, newly legal cannabis brands are positioning themselves within the luxury markets. The industry is set to reach $20.2Bn by the end of 2021: it’s time to learn more about The Green Rush.

From roses to woodsmoke, sensory stimuli can create an emotional response, leading to deeper, more meaningful connections between brands and their consumers. During The Fragrance Foundation’s National Fragrance Week, we considered the role of scent, and the memories it inspires. How could Scent Memories create a lasting customer experience?

City dwellers are seeking out floriculture and biophilic design to contrast increasingly urban lifestyles. Recent studies suggest the trend is more than aesthetic. A multidimensional movement that tackles mental health and sustainability issues, as well as providing Instagrammable moments, Harnessing Nature is here to stay.

“Everything a retail store should be: a perfect format for presenting the brand’s products and a bold statement that shows just how much you can get out of a relationship with the brand.” Challenging reports of ‘the death of retail’, stores continue to survive and thrive. Freddie Sheridan explores Restoration Hardware’s new flagship store in Manhattan’s Meatpacking District. His experience of the space will help you think about how you can be one of the brands breathing a new life into retail.