October 13, 2020 /Design & Deliver

Our future of work: human led creativity and freelance graphic design jobs

COVID19 has disrupted the way we live, work and shop. For us, changes that we have been studying have been largely retail centric. As we take strides towards creating our ‘new normal’, we have spoken at lengths to what this means for consumers and retail stores. At the same time, we are exploring what the future of work looks like. Just like retail, we believe we are heading to an exciting future – one whereby creativity and a human-led approach to working will be key.

In the face of COVID19, many companies have shifted their organisational infrastructure in order to adapt to remote work. During lockdown, digital transformation has accelerated the way we work. Offices are becoming redundant and we find ourselves in a climate where freelance graphic design jobs are increasingly becoming the norm in the creative field. In fact our industry is no stranger to freelance graphic design jobs.

Despite the world and the future of work becoming more tech focused, human sentiment will always be critical. At Sheridan&Co, we believe creativity is a tool for asking and answering questions. All our work begins with questions. We believe design is to think about many directions and purposes for an idea or project. We seek to uncover assumptions, analyse concepts and be open minded to problems that demand creative solutions. 

For instance, how can we design a brand experience that not only illustrates storytelling and a brand’s true character but addresses societal and environmental issues? How can we, as designers, inspire the lives of consumers to be better. And by better, we mean, healthier, more comfortable, more efficient or simply more enjoyable. Our design language embodies empathy and curiosity.

In order to embrace this future of work for design and retail, we will be working more closely with freelancers looking for freelance graphic design jobs. We are constantly learning and if this sounds like you too, please reach out to us with your portfolio.