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From The Inside Out

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The beauty and wellness industry has been breaking boundaries in the past few years, addressing taboo topics, supporting social activism and breaking gender barriers. Brands have long predicted an innovative and holistic view to health, with trends moving beyond just beauty to tackle medical problems using solutions that are backed by scientific research.

Supplements have become a big part of this movement, negating sceptics with clinical trials and growing loyal consumer bases, to sustain an industry that is expected to be worth $12.6bn by 2024. Wellness is an ever-evolving trend with stores like Glow in London centred on wellness culture, providing innovative drinks in a coffee shop like way. Both Instagram-able and scientific, Glow provides a space for wellness consumers to meet and try new supplements that replace their morning coffee.

Highlighting the connection between what we ingest and our health, brands are fostering a wider understanding of what beauty from the inside out means. Altrient has found success in harnessing the power of vitamin C and Altrient in a clinically proven anti-ageing ingestible. US-based Nutrafol, thinning hair is not solely the result of genetics, but also a host of lifestyle factors. Their supplement contains herbal ingredients such as curcumin (turmeric) in pharmaceutical-grade doses to increase growth and improve the overall quality of hair.

Other brands are targeting modern problems, with brand Lumity enhancing natural circadian rhythms, Bear LTD’s energy-enhancing powders and Moon Juice – which even has supplements aimed at helping enhance sex drives. Combatting Jet lag, stress and pollution are other common problems supplements can help repair.

There has been a rise in brands giving guidance in health matters.

Now they are directly addressing medical issues, with innovative companies betting on supplements to manage problems. The Nue Co’s ‘Defence Drops’ aim to quell a burgeoning cold, with just a few drops boosting your immune system before it breaks down.

Pre and Probiotics are also taking on gut health, which has a direct effect on not only skin and hair but also can help alleviate problems like IBS and bloating. Companies like The Beauty Chef and The Nue Co are leading the way, with more beauty brands developing products that are used for gut health. Bobbi Brown recently releasing gut health products under their Evelvation_18 brand.

The supplement market is inherently gender-inclusive. One study found that three-quarters (74%) of British and French men believe the idea of taking a supplement for skin health or beauty is normal, compared to 58% of women. The trend of indie brands developing health targeted products will continue to flourish, as shifts in cultural attitudes towards beauty and health diversify.

Key Insights

  • Education around supplements is key. Brands should consider ways to inform consumers and overturn sceptics. Retail space, packaging and branding should all be educational, eye-catching and if possible experiential for the consumer.
  • This trend is fast-moving, with companies expanding into this realm. Brands should look to create loyal customers who keep coming back because of the quality of the product.
  • Brands should be targeting multiple touchpoints. Health, beauty and overall wellness should be addressed and proven by clinical trials to keep up with innovative product markets.

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