February 19, 2018 /Retail Insight

LA Retail Guide

Known for pushing the boundaries, LA is home to some of the most ground-breaking retail concepts.

Fast Company documented last year how the city is rebelling against the allure of online shopping with instagram worthy and service driven store experiences.

Last year, LA’s Culver City celebrated its centenary year. As such, the area is thriving with innovative boutiques, workout spaces and eateries. As the city continues to flourish, we explore three spaces that caught our creative eyes.


Whilst we worked alongside the beauty brand to reinvent their branding, we were super excited to see their instagram driven identity rooted in rebellion, artistry and community be translated into a store experience.

Nordstorm Local

Nordstorm impressed the world last year with the launch of a no merchandise store. Alluding to the fact that retail must cater to experience over product, the store has stylists on site to offer guidance for shoppers. Product is available for consumers to try on, alongside coffee, wine and beer to enjoy during the experience.  The retailer is trying out smaller size format stores that cater to convenience hungry urban consumers who are overwhelmed by too much choice.


Rooted in Californian surf and skate culture, streetwear is at home on the west coast. As ‘new drops’ have been prolific, new stores have been popping up across the globe. With a monochromatic store design, one that has caught our eye is Utmost, which has set up in Downtown LA.

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