February 12, 2019 /Retail Insight

MAJOR Makeup Madness

Starting the month with a bang, Pat McGrath’s pop-up landed at Bergdorf Goodman, just in time for New York Fashion Week. So excited to have been part in such an incredible project, working alongside their team to encompass the full experience and theatre of the brand. In the words of Pat McGrath herself, the finished site was “MAJOR MAKEUP MADNESS”. You can find details of the full experience here.

Exploring experience led us to question how architecture and interior design can influence the consumer journey. This month we explored the use of curves and archways to create comforting spaces that guide the eye to tell a story. We’ve done the research on Fluidity in design for you – just head to our blog.

Identity in 2019 is a complex exploration. Enabled by technology, people are looking inwards, through guided meditation and mindfulness apps. Today’s self-aware consumers are now looking for personalised experiences and human brands, with diversity as a given. This is our view on Identity.

While technology is leading some brands to introspection, others are using AR and VR to create dreamlike states. Enhanced by otherworldly visuals, retail is immersed in the world of dreams. We explored brands that inspire curiosity and calm through dreamlike designs.

There has been a recent trend of publishers creating retail pop-ups and brand collaborations. Inspired by brands who branch out of their comfort zones, these content creators took their subject and gave it an unexpected retail twist. From ‘I found it at the Strategist’ to Buzzfeed’s Camp, these stores use their storytelling expertise to create meaningful consumer experiences. Read all about publisher pop-ups here. 

In the past couple of years, a new consumer has emerged: as political becomes the new personal, we consider the Revolutionary Woman. Reflecting the ways company roles are transitioning, the Revolutionary Woman expects brands to have an opinion, and looks for companies that share her values. Learn more about the Revolutionary Woman here.