April 3, 2018 /Experience

Painting Psychology with Yellow

Yellow, most notable to the human eye, courts creativity and signals communication and learning, whilst correlating with recent consumer desires to unleash their imaginations.

Last year, we explored an opportunity for retail to deliver concepts rooted in empathy. Beset by mental health complications, the colour yellow levers a language for a society to engage in conversations to empower social change. A notable example of this is Young Minds UK, a charity that launched a #helloyellow campaign to inspire consumers to share stories regarding mental health.

We recently asserted the importance of a future in which creativity is the new currency for brands to connect with consumers. We illustrated an example of this in our post that explored Craftivists. With yellow as the brand’s primary colour, it is also interesting to note that the Craftivists use the power of ‘soft selling’ to inspire social change and optimism.

Yellow expresses optimism, happiness and joy. Correlating with this, we documented how optimism omnipresence will manifest throughout 2018.

An example of this starting to come to life was at Maison & Objet’s January show, where the colour was hugely popular across design, interiors, lifestyle and gifting products

Fundamentally, yellow is a passport to surpassing stories of uncertainty. As a promoter of playfulness and light heartedness, brands have an opportunity to embrace the psychological connotations of the colour yellow, and create meaningful experiences for consumers through products, packaging, retail experience and store design.

Key Takeaways

  • Consider how use of the colour yellow can be an effective tool to inspire social change and conversation with consumers.
  • Embrace stories of optimism and reflect upon how colour can stimulate joy in consumers.

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