November 15, 2020 /Design & Deliver

PRESS RELEASE // Sheridan&Co Launches Fokus Breathing Rooms

Where the home and office were formerly viewed as two separate spaces, the boundaries between personal and professional life were easily segmented. However after COVID19 was declared a pandemic, 88% of the organisations, worldwide, made it mandatory or encouraged their employees to work from home (Gartner). This is something, as a family run business, Sheridan&Co have embraced. 


Following research with professionals and alongside the radical shift in the workplace and the office no longer serving purpose, the Fokus Breathing Room is an initiative backed by global design agency, Sheridan&Co that solves the societal problem of increasingly more people working from home, without being able to establish healthy boundaries between work and rest. It is a garden room concept that allows people to create more space at home, without having to move home. Fokus Breathing Room is the office space of the future. As people spend more time at home, separating spaces gives them an opportunity to have a home office or create a new space to facilitate a gym, a dining space, a music room or a games room. The goal is to give people an opportunity to create a new space to relax, offer a service or provide a retail space to sell products. This is an opportunity for people to not only find a place to work, but also a place to breathe, a place to play.

On A Mission To Help People Adapt

Fokus was inspired by a mission to help people adapt and carry on in a fast-changing world. 2020 has been a difficult year. The impact of the virus has been felt worldwide and touched all walks of life. People have been forced to change and embrace new ways of living, working and socialising.  With change, comes challenges. As a company that was forced to work remotely overnight, the team at Sheridan&Co experienced first hand the challenges of working from home in an environment that was designed for another purpose, such as dining, relaxing, sleeping or living. As work entered the home life, the team recognised the emotional and creative need to separate their work space from their home space. Being conscious when it comes to the purpose of space led to Sheridan&Co developing an opportunity for people to redefine their own space to better suit their new way of living.

Key features and Potential Applications

Each garden room can be fully personalised, to a client’s size and style requirements. Sheridan&Co are offering both commercial and residential options. For commercial opportunities, clients can transform their Fokus breathing room into an office,  or restaurant. For residential options, clients can transform their breathing room into a salon, gym/yoga studio, a dining room or music room. Sheridan&Co offers off the shelf models for clients who instantly recognise something that is right for them, with two levels of customisation; Semi-Bespoke & Fully Bespoke. Whilst increasing a client’s space and enhancing their home, Fokus garden rooms add value to a client’s property when planning permission is applied. Fire and waterproof, Fokus Breathing Rooms are A-grade fire-resistant, mould-free and inclusive of damp-proof materials and weather-proof outer walls. This makes them a safer alternative to conventional garden sheds. Installation can be achieved within as little as 48 hours and electricity is installed.

A Sustainably Backed Initiative

All materials used in the creation of the Fokus Breathing Room are recyclable. Eco-driven, the rooms offer solar power options, creating a sustainable source for both lighting and low-voltage appliances. Fokus offers infra-red heating which requires low energy consumption.

What makes the FOKUS // Breathing Room unique?

Traditional garden room manufacturers think from a purely practical perspective, whereas Fokus’ USP is that it is supported by Sheridan&Co’s design expertise. Not only do they have more practical credentials than any other producer, but they place the people who need these spaces first when it comes to the design. 


Due to Sheridan&Co’s design background, the agency has combined their expertise and regard for the importance that the environment plays on overall wellbeing and work productivity. By thinking from a people perspective, they have created a concept that not only enhances the client’s home, but gives them an opportunity to boost their wellbeing and work environment, whilst also ensuring personalisation and self expression.

A Time to Pivot

In the face of the coronavirus pandemic, 2020 has been a time to pivot for companies worldwide. The launch of Fokus is an exciting part of Sheridan&Co’s own journey. As a family run business that has served brands globally across retail, beauty, luxury and fashion since 1983, the agency has a fundamental understanding of empathy, how people connect and consumer behaviour. Now the agency is taking these learnings from understanding of consumer psychology and applying the insight to launching its own product into the marketplace as a creative solution for people to work from home. ‘A lot of our business is running with people working from home. We take pride in working with our employees to ensure their workplace serves their wellbeing. At the same time, we work in a creative field and we understand the importance of designing an environment that empowers you to work your best, to be productive and ensure wellbeing. If there is one thing we have all learned from this pandemic, is that our mental and emotional wellbeing is hugely impacted by the environment surrounding us’ Director Freddie Sheridan comments. ‘Due to this, we felt it was time for our company to take a step forward and offer the working world the Fokus Breathing Room. We are not only at an incredibly exciting time for the future of work, but also for our business and industry as a whole. This is a great step forward for Sheridan&Co’.

Competitive Financing

When it comes to pricing, Fokus is competitive because it is a cheaper option than construction work. Whilst traditional garden sheds are available for a lower cost and provide a short term fix, Fokus’ goes beyond being just a space for fair weather, or that is really suited for storage or tools. Fokus Breathing Rooms are worth the investment because they are weatherproof, practical and provide people with a suitable, long term solution. Consumers are also able to spread the costs of payments with competitive financing options.


The Breathing Room has been designed to offer a solution that is both practical and fit for purpose with a price tag that, no matter which option a client choses, remains in the middle ground.


In terms of cost, Fokus breathing rooms start from around £15,000.00. Simplified design solutions are available at a lower cost, as well as bespoke options for those with a higher budget in mind.