August 15, 2019 /Director's View

Procurement for Retail

new york to london to shanghai

Since we opened our doors in 1983, we have helped many brands with rolling out retail environments around the globe. 

When supporting brands in this way we start by encouraging them to think about whether their current concept is performing as they would like it to be. 

If there is room for improvement then we will start the process by redefining the Retail Strategy behind the concept, followed by the Retail IdentityThis ensures that the investment the brand is making in “meeting their customers where they are”, speaks authentically and has a positive impact on performance. We do this by ensuring that the concept is as engaging as it should be.

If you are genuinely happy with your existing concept then we can start straight into the Deliver stages, using what we call Concept Management.

When rolling out new concepts brands need to think about key locations first and whether these key locations sit in different cities across multiple continents. With this in mind, we offer solutions for brands to consider, no matter where they want to improve or extend their presence.

Our own factory in Leicestershire, less than an hour outside London, sets a high standard in producing retail furniture for the UK and also into Europe. The knowledge and skills that sit in our factory at head office have a positive impact on every project that we oversee, no matter where we are working.

When we are looking to produce furniture for the projects that we are executing in other international markets, it generally makes sense to partner with local suppliers. In that instance, we offer a procurement service linking brands to local suppliers.


Providing this service effectively requires the following:

  • Owning and maintaining a global network of suppliers – We are constantly searching for and reviewing suppliers to remove any delay when your requirements materialise. The right options are always ready to go.
  • Suggesting suppliers that are right for a specific challenge – This can be as much about sourcing material specialists as it is about finding the right balance between quality and budget for a specific brand.
  • Providing options – Once we have selected a shortlist of the right suppliers we meet with our clients to talk through the merits of each one so you can make an informed decision based on what attributes are right for you.
  • Project Management – From the moment you make your selection, we oversee the entire process to ensure that the concept is brought to life as intended, on budget and on time.


We ask questions like:

  • Are suppliers making decisions that are in the brands best interest?
  • Are they leveraging technological improvements in manufacturing process and materials?
  • Are we offering cost savings whilst avoiding reduction in quality?
  • Is the supplier anticipating and addressing anything that could cause a delay?


Providing this service effectively requires experience and an intimate, up to date understanding of manufacturing and installation.

We can provide many examples of how we have supported brands with international Procurement and Project Management of suppliers to implement quality retail environments in Europe, North America, South America, Asia, Australia, Africa and the Middle East.

We would love to talk about how we could support your brand with Procurement in realising retail environments anywhere that you require. Please contact to continue the conversation.


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