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Retail’s Curiosity Craze

We live in a world whereby commerce is underpinned by the currency of curiosity. So what exactly is curiosity? A spirit of enquiry. Inquisitiveness. A newfound interest in the strange and unfamiliar, a peculiarity or an oddity. Whilst a definitive answer is farfetched, what is clear is that curiosity is driven by the human sensibility to discover, to learn and to know.

These words carry synergy with the sentiments it takes to building a store environment. Retail is a place where newfound interests in an object or idea come to fruition.


Consumers are driven by a motivation, either logical, emotive or both, to learn and explore.

So if we imagine a consumer journey to be characterised by curiosity, we can create brand experiences that connect with audiences. This ethos has been echoing throughout the Retail Industry.

All we have to do is to take a trip to London’s Piccadilly Circus. At the south of Regent St, you will find Google’s Curiosity Rooms. Highly experiential in execution, the play inspired pop-up spans across three floors whilst simultaneously promoting features of the latest Google pixel 3. Over on the slide, consumers can explore the video quality of the phone. By venturing beyond a secret door located in a photo booth, Grease is the word. Customers are transported to a ‘beauty school dropout’ stylised studio where they can take pictures with props. In a Wes Anderson inspired tearoom, consumers are encouraged to discover their own personalised tea preference. To create a dynamic experience with a lifestyle focus, Google collaborated with brands such as Patch.

Also inspiring a consumer journey driven by curiosity, Ace & Tate has opened an eyewear store in London’s Soho. Upon entry, the brand disclosed that they have embraced the ‘area’s reputation for voyeurism’ and that it has been designed ‘to allow papers by to peep in and see every room. With this design mission in mind, the store directly references the local influences of the area. Take a look at why we believe culture and locality must drive the future of our high streets here.

Using curiosity to design stores and their customer journeys can ensure people enjoy moments of intrigue, surprise and delight.

Key Takeaways

How can curiosity create a dynamic customer journey?

Is there potential for your brand to collaborate with like minded brands to deliver a multifaceted experience?

How can art be a tool to foster curiosity and delight in store?

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