July 4, 2017 /Consumer


Urban Decay Makeup

Disillusioned by an oversaturated beauty market, mass consumerism, and products failing to live up to their social media hype, bloggers are now creating ‘anti-hauls’ where they explain why they are not buying certain products.

The anti-haul resonates both with makeup-fatigued Millennials and environmentally conscious Centennials, who prefer to save money than spend it, and believe makeup is too expensive to be treated as disposable.

These consumers prefer quality of products to quantity, and aim to find the right products for them, rather than spending money on having the latest products. Their goals are to curb spending, get to know the products they already have, and ‘purge’ the products they don’t use.

They finish their products before buying new ones, and track progress of their usage, celebrating ‘reaching pan’ on r/PanPorn and #PanPorn. Often labelling themselves as recovering makeup addicts, these consumers equate conscious spending and decluttering with mindfulness,

Likening makeup hauls to ‘bingeing’, anti-haulers choose to buy one product at a time, and only after careful consideration. They read reviews of products, and prefer bloggers who give full critiques of makeup, like Christina Mielke of Temptalia, who gives products letter grades, and isn’t afraid to give ‘F’s.