June 2, 2019 /Director's View

The Science of Retail Strategy

morphe shop

There was a moment in store design when a beautiful concept suddenly just wasn’t enough. Without spending too much time debating over how long ago or when exactly it was, let’s just get one thing clear: it’s happened, it’s done and we have well and truly surpassed it.

We are looking to connect with a new kind of customer, a customer who wants to be treated as an individual yet values community as their highest good. Equipped with a mindset of collecting moments and experiences, intellectual and spiritual fulfilment are their status symbols, constant transformation is their goal.

So if looks are not enough then what are we really trying to do here?



We want to create stores that literally pull people in. We want to deliver experiences that people remember. 

We want to create a deep connection with customers by giving them an understanding of why your brand is special and outlining the values that set you apart. We want them to know what they will gain from a long relationship with your brand.

We want to genuinely help people find products that they love, and when they do we want to facilitate a seamless, considered transaction. We want them to leave feeling sure that they can find equally well-matched products each and every time they return.

True success is achieved when the concept becomes famous in its own right. The point at which you spark evangelism by making people want to share their experience with others.

In order to do that, we need to create a genuinely compelling retail proposition. That calls for pre-empting design with science. In simple terms Retail Strategy is that science, a science that sees consumer psychology meet interior design.

For a more in depth understanding of how Retail Strategy works please feel free to get in touch.