January 1, 2020 /Design & Deliver

Our Work // Seedlip Hits Selfridges

“We approached Sheridan&Co to help us create some engaging window displays for Selfridges as well as a display in-store. From the creative development to the installation, working with Sheridan&Co was a pleasure. Creative, efficient & personal 

Challenges were dealt with quickly & effortlessly making the process from start to finish as smooth as possible for us with a fantastic outcome & execution. Thank you for all your hard work!” Ben, founder of Seedlip.

“New ideas, new optimism” is the mantra behind Selfridges Happy New Decade campaign with a powerful, bright identity reflecting optimism for a bright future in times of dramatic change. With joy-inducing art, fashion, sustainability and beauty brands it only makes sense that Selfridges champion the benefits of the rapidly growing No-Low Alcohol sector.

“38% of Millenials say they limit their alcohol intake every time they go out and nearly 75% believe that this reduced consumption boosts quality of life”

Heineken, 2016

Seedlip and Aecorn drinks have been given pride of place with full window displays straddling either side of the main entrance of Selfridges, Oxford Street. When two brands with luxuriously natural and earthy brand pallets approached Sheridan&Co with a brief to seamlessly integrate their identity into Selfridges Happy New Decade campaign, we were delighted by the opportunity to do something really different, whilst remaining reflective of Seedlip and Aecorns carefully developed visual values.

Alongside their promotion in Selfridges, Seedlip released their branded bus onto the streets of central London so the importance of creating a visual connection for shoppers passing by both campaigns is integral to repeat brand messaging.

At any other time, we may have produced on a natural setting reflective of somewhere that the consumer would enjoy sipping on their botanical booze alternative. In order to connect with the consumer, we must show create an experience that enables them to understand that they can still socialise and enjoy delicious drinks whilst avoiding alcohol. This may be by presenting the products in a bar, or at home. We have created an example of this below.

“The question was, how do we take this Aecorn and Seedlip setting and design, build and deliver a window display and promotional pop-up that would fit into the Selfridges Happy New Decade campaign.” Retail Designer at Sheridan&Co

Enter, Abstractism.

Through firstly creating the ideal concept, and merging this with the Selfridges Happy New Decade mood boards, Sheridan&Co, Aecorn and Seedlip were able to remain relevant to the campaign, the brands and to the consumer. Based on surfaces and shelves that can be found in a bar or at home, we transformed bookshelves, bars, seats and stools into abstract shapes whilst integrating that visual merchandising that ensured the products were the heroes of the story.

When created properly, no brand identity has limits. Through quality and creativity brands are able to move fluidly into the future and adapt to campaigns to create authentic connections with their consumer whilst remaining true to their brand identity.