November 11, 2020 /Design & Deliver

Sheridan&Co partners with Morphe to launch their first European store in Amsterdam

To say that 2020 has been a challenging year for retail design would be an understatement. Yet, with a year that has contained so many challenges, we feel compelled to rejoice in the positives and successes even more. Last month, a cause for celebration is the fact that we worked alongside instagram sensation Morphe to open their Amsterdam location. Prior to this, Sheridan&Co have been working with beauty giant Morphe to deliver makeup stores in America and the UK.

This store launch marks the company’s first European location. It’s not only an exciting time for both Morphe, signalling the business’ growth and success, but also indicates how great retail design can be resilient in times of crisis and complications due to COVID19.

Launching makeup stores in a new era for retail design

This year, we have explored in great detail about how retail design is redefining its role. This is especially true in a world whereby digital consumerism has accelerated. Morphe has an incredible digital community. The brand started its journey online in fact. However, after creating a fanbase online, the brand has gone from strength to strength by harnessing the power of creating great retail design within a physical space. When it comes to designing Morphe’s makeup stores, elevating the customer experience has always been key. Key parts of the store design for Amsterdam was to ensure the consumer is invited to experiment with the product and gain a deep understanding of the brand, exploring the products and the brand’s iconic brushes.

We treat the store like a living and breathing extension of the brand’s personality. If 2020 has proved anything, it is that it is not possible for stores to be deemed as static. People are taking risk to leave their homes and engage with brands. Retail design therefore needs to be interactive and invites engagement between the consumer and brand. In Morphe’s new Amsterdam location, the store has been designed so that consumers can have consultations with brand ambassadors and build a rapport with the staff in store.  This is reflects an important facet of the brand – its accessibility and inclusivity when it comes to consumer engagement. When it comes to launching new stores during a global pandemic, learning and adapting to new regulations is critical. However, we must work hard to ensure stores are driven by their motivation to provide consumers with a truly memorable experience.


Whilst Sheridan&Co have been proud to work with Morphe to launch their makeup stores across the US and UK, a key takeaway for us has been to treat each store as a new opportunity to learn and develop. There is no cookie cutter approach. For instance, for a previous Selfridge’s install, a defining feature was to include digital shelving to pay homage to the brand’s heritage. This proved to be a great success and is a feature now included within the Amsterdam location. 

Despite the challenges of the year, we are absolutely thrilled to work alongside Morphe to launch their Amsterdam store and first European location. If you would like to learn more about retail design and opening a store during a new era for retail, get in touch with our team