July 31, 2019 /Director's View

Supporting Start-Ups

sneaker room concept

At Sheridan&Co our offering has always been geared towards fully bespoke environments.

We start to work with brands when they are at the stage in their development when they need a considered Retail Identity that can be adapted to work across a growing retail portfolio that could include Standalone Stores, Shop in Shops (or Concessions) in department stores, gondolas in retailers like Sephora or Ulta Beauty, right down to Visual Merchandising and Point of Sale units that might feature in thousands of individual locations.

We use our considerable experience and varied skills to ensure that all of these assets are fully optimised. Brands are able to efficiently leverage any opportunity in physical space, knowing that the environment will be working hard to connect with their audience and help them find products that are right for them.

Whilst we know that all successful brands will need this at the right time, we wanted to develop an offering that was tailored towards brands needing to find more cost-effective solutions.

This is of particular interest to us because it means that we can start to support brands earlier in their development. Building our relationships earlier gives us the satisfaction of supporting some of the amazing people behind today’s start-up brands. It also means that we have a deeper knowledge of the brand at the time they are ready to consider fully bespoke environments.

The offering considers everything from material choice to efficient methods of execution, and even the design process has been reworked to with efficiency in mind. We use less bespoke furniture and lean more towards FF&E, sourcing, customising and up cycling.

The reason that we have been carefully developing this offering is because we did not want to make any sacrifice when it came to bringing the brand to life in physical space. All of the environments that we create must take what customers gain from a relationship with the brand beyond the product itself and bring that right to the surface. You should feel immersed in the brand experience on many different levels.

We also wanted to make sure that the brands interested in this type of service are able to take advantage of our Strategy offering within which we focus on optimising performance surrounding the KPI’s of any specific initiative. We ask the same questions as we do in the full process, a few of which include: How are we pulling people in to the store? How are creating strong connection with the brand? How are we helping people find products that are genuinely right for them? And how do we ensure people leave the space wanting to share their experience with others?

Though this specific initiative has been geared towards young brands, the same thinking can be useful for brands considering popups and testing locations before implementing permanent store environments.

If you are interested in talking about how this offering can support your brand, we would love to talk. Please contact team@sheridanandco.com to continue the conversation.

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