November 3, 2020 / Design & Deliver

The future of retail banking – Unveiling TBC’s new flagship

Two years ago, the Sheridan&Co team traveled to Georgia, Tbilisi to meet with a team from TBC Bank for a very special project. This trip was the start of a fantastic two year long journey that sought to shape the future of retail banking. Now, we are proud to announce that this project has come to life and TBC Bank has unveiled their new TBC Concept flagship at 7 Marjanishvili, Georgia.

The goal for this flagship was to help TBC Bank communicate the purpose behind their new TBC Concept which is to combine banking services with people’s interests and give them more time to work on their goals and enjoy new discoveries. Our task was to transform their formerly traditional bank interior design into a place for people to bank, work, network, socialise and enjoy cultural pastimes all under one roof. We received the brief at a time when Tbilisi’s entrepreneurial spirit was bursting into life through a new generation of start ups. 

This energy was felt from the moment the team arrived in Tbilisi and it was clear that this ethos would inform the direction of the bank interior design of the flagship. Prior to the project, banking was an affair that was carried out behind security screens. The space was more for individual transactions, as opposed to conversation and fluidity. At the same time, the flagship space occupies a remarkably beautiful building and has an incredible architectural history which we have now fused with a fantastically modern and luxurious aesthetic. 

Our strategic and design teams were tasked with the brief to transform the space into something that celebrated this modernity and heritage, whilst disrupting the visual language surrounding the bank interior design into something more open that facilitates the entrepreneurial energy of the city. In short, the brief was to build a blueprint for the future of retail banking

To answer this brief, Sheridan&Co worked with TBC Bank to deliver a multi-use space that provides flexible working environments, remarkable hospitality and educational experiences, whilst also facilitating a stage for the rich cultural scene across Georgia.

The design of the bank interior of the TBC Concept included:

  • Creating an open and approachable space within the bank interior that invites connection and networking upon entry. This was achieved by creating the lounge area in the atrium with seating that was spacious and comfortable. A digital screen containing beautiful content details different events that will happen every week. It is the perfect introduction to what the flagship space has to offer.
  • Offering co-working, cultural and creativity. Whether people are looking for working for a couple hours, a long term office solution or simply want to host a meeting in a beautiful environment, the design ethos at the flagship combines professionalism with culture; creating a space that people simply want to be in. It is inspiring; both in business success and pure creativity and innovation. A library is available, where members can access inspiring podcasts or video classes. The Library also plays host to small and intimate literature events such as book launches or author readings, providing the perfect thoughtful backdrop for such an intellectual event.
  • Hosting regular events and wellness driven initiatives. Our strategic team developed a concept called ‘Canvas’, which is a collection of blank spaces within the flagship that facilitate the ever changing calendar events at TBC. From business-driven lectures to art exhibitions, musical performances to yoga classes, the highly flexible spaces adapt to meet the needs of any event. The spaces are large enough to host an event, but intimate enough that any attendee feels a close personal connection with the speakers.
  • A flexible retail offering called ‘The Newsagents’. This was created under the notion of a ‘newsagents-meets-stationers’. There are a selection of publications and work-related items that can be purchased here. The space is flexible and can be easily transformed, de-merchandised and turned into a pop-up shop should TBC want to host an exciting Georgian brand.
  • Luxurious banking. Whilst the first encounter clients have with the TBC is dynamic, collaborative and designed to foster meeting and sharing, the first floor offers a calmer and more serene space for focus. The bank interior includes a large meeting room so clients can host board meetings or large pitches. There are also luxurious hot desks to provide space for solo work.

The Flagship at Marjanishvili is now Georgia’s centre point of intellect and creativity. It is the beating heart of Tbilisi, a city alive with culture. As well as being a place for banking and financial transactions, it is now home to TBC’s cultural initiatives. By putting their customers first, we are very proud to have worked with TBC to set an example to the world of what a bank’s physical space can become. We have designed a flagship space that is fully diverse in terms of its offering and creates the most enriching backdrop for entrepreneurs, leaders and creatives to come together and unleash their minds. It is the physical manifestation of its leadership’s ideals and the stage that reveals the future of retail banking. We look forward to sharing in the success that is yet to come in this new and exciting concept launched by TBC in their flagship space.