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Brand Identity

The absolute cornerstone of any brand is their identity. More than just logo design, we create entire identities that tell a story and speak to the consumer. Whether we are starting from scratch on a new brand, or breathing new life into something existing, our start point is always the same; working out what we want to say, and how we are going to say it in a totally unique voice.

By developing a voice and message throughout the strategic phase, the Branding Identity will then bring all of this to life and deliver your brands story with impact.

Tails Cocktails Logo
Morphe Logo

Tails Cocktails wanted to bring their heritage and story into their new brand identity and bottle designs, which we designed to celebrate their global story. Read more in the case study here.

We brought the spirit of artistry, creativity and tribal community into the new Morphe branding and packaging, much to the delight of their 5+ million Instagram following. Read more in the case study here.

We reinvented the notion of an organic health-food cafe with the launch of High Mood Food, which plays on a tongue in cheek name and bold, contemporary branding.

High Logo

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