Elizabeth James Nirvana Presentation Box

Point Of Sale (POS)

This is another one of our key specialities, and usually involves presenting a brand in its smallest form within a retail environment; often whilst still displaying a large range of products, which can fluctuate during time.

Gucci by Gucci Premiere Fragrance
Robert Graham Presentation Box

Maximising these challenging spaces is key, with messaging and storytelling paramount. Distilling the feeling of a brand into a few simple material choices and limited messaging is something that we have years of experience in, working across a huge range of product types and different brands.

For Elizabeth and James we captured the contemporary and minimalistic feel of the brand.

The Gucci by Gucci fragrance launched in Harrods swathed in sumptuous gold.

We created a presentation box for Robert Graham which speaks of the quality and intrigue behind the brand.

The Balvenie whisky has been presented in many forms across the collection of POS units that we designed to glorify the bottle and give it a craftsmanlike feel.

Balvenie whisky presentation

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