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Standalone Store Design

We love working with our clients to bring standalone stores to life. They offer an opportunity to create  an environment in which the team working on the shop design have complete control. These are the circumstances in which your brand can become the purest three dimensional version of itself. An optimal platform to tell your brands story and create memorable interactions that forge strong relationships with your customers.

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We have designed stores all over the world, ranging from small specialist boutiques to large flagships for global brands.

Our Store Design Process

Our time-honed process leads to exemplary store design, encapsulating a brand identity whilst proving commercially effective. From a unique aesthetic, to innovative technological implementation, through to carefully considered customer journey, our expertise in retail store design can truly better the consumer’s experience of your brand.

During the store design process we make the most of the fact that there are very few limitations and look to create the best possible experience for your customers. We want to make sure that they leave the store with a clear interpretation of your brand, products that are genuinely right for them and a lasting memory of their experience. We want to give them a reason to share and a reason to come back.

Over the past thirty five years our team has grown to include all of the skillsets required to realise a standalone store design anywhere on the planet. Largely these will include the following departments:

  • Strategy – Informs the shop design; how to best distil and communicate your brands story, the science behind how the consumer interacts with the space
  • Design – How materiality, layout and functionality create the best possible experience
  • Design Development – Engineering and Architecture that detail how to bring the store design to life
  • Project Management – The orchestration of every specialist involved in the execution
  • Manufacture – Specialist craftsmen meticulously shaping their own individual piece of the puzzle
  • Installation – Ensuring everything comes together precisely so your shop opens, on time and as intended

Links of London Standalone Tile

Today stores have been liberated by the internet. Of course we want to sell products within the space but we want to encourage brands to take a long term view when thinking about shop design. Being real about the fact that the consumer’s relationship with the brand will benefit more from the experience that they have. This means that we can make the most of additional space that stock used to fill and use every inch to create what is potentially the most powerful of the brands many different touch points or ways in which they interact with their customer.

How does your store become amazing in its own right but also how does it become an essential, connected part of your omni channel communication.

Most importantly, when it comes to shop design, we understand that every project is different and our team are looking forward to working with you to create an amazing standalone store design for your brand that meets every requirement.

We would love to hear more about your upcoming shop design project, so please do get in touch with your nearest office.

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