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Retail Identity and Concept Management


Delivering an unforgettable experience to the consumer is everything in retail. Through our strategic exploration we will write your story, and through our design we will tell that story to your consumer. We will bring it to life in clear and cohesive way. Weaving a consistent narrative through every touch point of a retail space is what takes beautiful design to something that will imprint a lasting memory on those who experience it.

Our retail design process is divided into the following two stages:

Retail Identity

This is it. This is what you’ve been waiting for. This is when we answer the important question – who are you in retail? It doesn’t matter if it’s a display, a kiosk, a shop-in-shop, a pop-up, a store or something completely different – now is when we take everything we’ve been planning and discussing and dreaming about in strategy and bring it to life. In this stage we put pen to paper and design the concept. We create your Retail Identity.

Whether you are looking to do something simple and small or something ambitious and far-reaching, there will be features of the concept that need to be present in every location. As we work through the Retail Identity process and transform the strategy into the physical, we always come back to three paramount questions:

  • How does it look?
  • How are we telling the brand story?
  • What are the touch points that will create a meaningful, memorable experience?

Concept management

Once we define your Retail Identity, we move into Concept Management. This is when we translate your Retail Identity into your specific required locations.

We will first discuss whether you are looking to achieve a consistent brand image or something unique for each location. Depending on how much the concept needs to adapt to suit a particular opportunity, this part of the process sits somewhere on a spectrum between creative and practical.

Whether we are designing a standalone store or for a department store counter, there will be some degree of guidelines or regulations to adhere to in the Concept Management stage. We’re always sure to address these all the while coming back to the following questions:

  • Does the brand story still resonate?
  • How can we leverage the advantages of the space and address the practical challenges?
  • How can our decisions respect budget and timelines?

We have worked across many sectors creating standalone stores, concessions, events, pop ups, branding and packaging all with the same goal – to promote growth for your brand. But our favourite thing about design? No matter how many projects, sectors, and brands we work with, there will always be somewhere new to explore, something unique to create.

If you want your consumer to feel something, you have to know how to translate a brand in to a physical space

Michael Sheridan

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